Minimum fundraising amount
Individual: HK$1,000
Team (4-20 members): HK$900 / member

See you at the Famine camp on 11-12 April 2015!

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Forms of Participation
  1. 30-Hour Famine camp
  2. Fast on own for 22 hours, then join our camp for the last 8 hours
  3. Customise your own Famine with your choice of time and location


Minimum Fundraising Amount
  • HK$1,000 (For a team of 4-20 members, minimum fundraising fee is HK$900 per member.)

Enrolment Fee
  • HK$100 (This fee will later be counted as part of your overall donation.)
* For confirmation of camp participation, participants must submit the minimum fundraising amount of HK$1,000 (plus HK$100 enrolment fee)

Please note all activities will be conducted in Cantonese.
Day 1
  • Opening ceremony
  • Declaration
  • Experiential activities
  • Music performance
Day 2
  • Group activities
  • Testimony sharing (optional participation)
  • Famine stars sharing
  • Finale concert

Target Participants
  • Family and friends, organisation, school, corporate, church
  • Past Famine campers

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This year, funds collected through 30-Hour Famine will be used for food security and development projects in areas in need such as Bangladesh in Asia, and Angola and Zimbabwe in Africa, and the remaining will go towards supporting South Sudanese refugees.


Can provide essential micronutrients (e.g. Vitamin A, folic acid, iron, etc) for 70 malnourished children in Bangladesh to improve their health.


Can provide 200kg of seed potatoes for 2 farmers in Angola, who will be encouraged to share their seed potatoes after harvest to benefit more people.


Can provide 1-month food aid for 100 families in South Sudan (in partnership with World Food Programme).

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Donate Online
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